Monday, 1 July 2013

The Rep (2012) - ★★★

Director: Morgan White
Writers: Christopher Field, Morgan White

The Rep is one of the most depressing documentaries a film fanatic could possibly see. It shows us the decline, the death if you will, of repertory cinemas across Canada and The US. We see why they're dying through the struggle of three movie buffs that try to maintain their newly bought cinema. Anyone who loves movies will be highly interested all the way through the film, I know I was. It's a little long and doesn't exactly give us ground-breaking facts to go on, but you can tell it's a labour of love. I liked The Rep, but it's an average documentary in all honesty.

If this film achieves anything, it's that it makes us respect independent theatres and rep-cinemas on a whole new level. After seeing this film, I'll definitely be paying visits to the local rep more often.

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