Monday, 4 June 2012

The Constant Gardener (2005) - ★★★½

Fernando Meirelles,' The Constant Gardener, is essentially a thriller that delves into issues such as corruption, poverty and HIV, yet it is fundamentally about the love and devotion of a man who lost his wife as a result of her pursuance of a conspiracy involving these issues. This film will surely seal Ralph Fiennes as one of the greatest actors of all time, for it is his heart wrenching portrayal of Justin Quayle, a gentle diplomat and husband that wants redemption for his wife's death, that should be remembered as much as his other roles. Rachel Weisz gave the performance of her career as Tessa Quayle, an ambitious, caring and highly stubborn woman that investigates the mysterious premature deaths of African people with HIV.

The cinematography was much like Sydney Pollacks,' Out of Africa, with beautiful aerial views of some of Africa’s amazing natural wonders. The whole conspiracy investigation plot was thrilling and intriguing at the same time, for the main characters were not only likable, but were investigating an important issue which was whether the pharmaceutical company (3 Bees) experimented with potentially fatal drugs on patients with HIV. It is a long movie, but it did not seem like it because of the films fast pace and unpredictable developments in the storyline.

The Constant Gardener was just magnificent. Personally I thought the highlights were the beginning and ending, for they gave the movie a beautiful class that separated it from other thrillers and romances. 2005 was a brilliant year of cinema, and this film stands out as one of the best. 

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