Thursday, 28 June 2012

Good Will Hunting (1997) - ★★★½

I loved this film. Robin Williams was at his finest playing psychiatrist Sean Maguire, who counsels the troubled genius Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon. He is a kid that could be anything but chooses to live the hoodlum life with his hooligan friends, one of whom is played by co-writer of the screenplay Ben Affleck.

Damon and Williams draw strength from each others company, through sharing stories, thoughts and opinions during their counselling sessions. It was refreshing because they were having real conversation, not just the same generic Hollywood dialogue. Affleck played Chuckie, Damon's best friend. His performance and accent were unconvincing and added no depth to the character. It felt like Affleck wanted to write extra scenes for his character, because no one cares about who Chuckie is, yet he gets almost as much dialogue as Will. Minnie Driver was excellent as Damon's love interest, portraying a real person and being able to express emotions masterfully. One particular scene where she fights with Will was marvelous on Driver's behalf, sealing her worthiness of her Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Overall, this movie was mildly entertaining, thought provoking and a joy to watch. Particularly because of Robin Williams and the performance of his career.

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