Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) - Zero Stars

Director: Tom Six
Writers: Tom Six
Stars: Laurence R. Harvey

Say what you will about the first film, at least it was original and had a degree of suspense and horror in it. The Human Centipede 2 is essentially a more hardcore, stupid and unoriginal version of the first. There was no entertainment value in this. None at all (which I suspected before I watched it).

The villain is Martin, a man that was abused by his mother and many others as a child, leaving him mentally disturbed and lonely. He works at an underground parking complex as a security guard. Martin is obsessed with the human centipede and centipedes in general, fetishizing the disgusting surgical procedure that the villain in the first film had performed on his three subjects, which was to connect their gastrointestinal system by sewing their mouths to anus'. This inspires Martin to sew twelve victims together in the same way, with disgusting and ridiculous consequences.

The whole film is in black and white, furthering the creepy vibe that the film already has. Many of the scenes were trying to display Marting as a freak, and that it should be funny when he is abused by his mother, a priest and a roughneck neighbor. It wasn't funny at all for me. The reason he is this sadistic is because of the abuse, so why should people be expected to think he deserves this treatment? I felt sorry for him for the first part of the film, until he started killing and torturing people.

Most of the time I found the kidnapping, surgical and murder scenes silly. They just didn't come across as horrifying to me, because they're so farfetched and terribly acted. There is constant reference to the fact that The Human Centipede is "Just a movie," which really did nothing for the film except reinforce in the back of my mind that this is just a movie too, and that it shouldn't be taken seriously.

Whatever this film aimed to achieve, it didn't achieve anything with me. It was stupid, it had no originality, and the fact that I sat through all of it shocks me more than the movie did. You'd think that the mouth to anus surgical procedure would be horrifyingly disgusting with twelve people, but it wasn't. Combined with all the bad elements in the movie, I guess I was desensitized to the whole concept, with nothing new to find redeeming about this film. Zero stars.

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