Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Intouchables (2011) - ★

Director: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Writers: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Stars: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy

What do you get when you mix a done-to-death storyline, cheesy dialogue, irritating characters, and no originality? You get Intouchables. I hate this movie. I can't remember the last time I felt so mad while watching a film. I don't know what is more annoying, the fact that I had to sit through this colossal waste of time, or the fact that it is one of the highest rated films on the IMDB.

The storyline: Philippe (Francois Cluzet), is a very rich tetraplegic man who needs a man to act as his arms and legs. Driss (Omar Sy) is a 'down on his luck,' poor, unemployed man. One thing leads to another, and Philippe hires Driss, and a very one-sided life-lesson journey begins for this 'odd couple.' 

This movie started out really bad, and got worse. Driss is one of the most arrogant, self-righteous, rude, and above all, annoying characters I've ever seen in a film. The whole time he's bettering the polite Philippe when there was not much wrong with him in the first place. One scene that annoyed the living daylights out of me took place while the two were watching an Opera. Driss laughs out loud and has no regard for the people that he's disturbing. Sure, it may be funny to him, but the least he could do is keep his voice down or leave. It's scenes like this that detach me further from the main characters, for Philippe was right there laughing with him. 

Intouchables also comes across as ridiculously unrealistic. A rich, tetraplegic man hiring a rude, annoying thief as his arms and legs is just so absurd to me. The film is 'based on a true story,' which I suppose means it can get away with it. What that leaves me to think it that Philippe must be one thick-skulled person, entrusting his wellbeing and belongings in the presence of the shady and careless Driss. This movie is about as subtle as a brick when dealing with characters emotions. I don't know whether it's the actors' fault for being so flamboyant, or whether that is just the way it was written. 

All I wanted to do was leave the cinema, and I rarely feel like doing that. Between the completely unoriginal 'true' story, the irritating characters, and the cheesy dialogue, I would rank Intouchables as one of my least favorite movies. 

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