Sunday, 8 December 2013

Roger & Me (1989) - ★★★★★

Director: Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore

Roger & Me is the very first documentary that Michael Moore ever made, and in my opinion, it is his best. He returns to his hometown to find that the CEO of General Motors, Roger Smith, has decided to close down several car manufacturing plants. At the time, this caused the loss of approximately 30,000 jobs. Moore achieved his goal of showing the audience how detrimental the downsizing was to the people of Flint. As an added spark, we see much of the Michael Moore Flare, as he follows Roger Smith around the country to try to get answers. It's one of the most effective documentaries I've ever seen. Even though the subject is of a much smaller scale than what most documentaries tend to tackle, it's the way Moore presents his case that shows just how important the subject is. It's not a film that changed the world, but it's a very powerful film in itself. The little guy, the unimportant factor in the equation, is fighting back against the careless acts of the big guys.

A family getting kicked out on Christmas Eve.


  1. I really enjoyed this one and agree that it is Michael Moore's best. The guy kicking people out on Christmas because it's his job is sad from both points of view.

    1. It was a very sad film really. So much hardship caused, when it need not have happened. GM Motors, or the Government in the very least, should have put into place measures that prevented people from going into poverty due to the closures.