Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Single Man (2009) – ★★★★½

Director: Tom Ford  |  Writers: Christopher Isherwood (novel), Tom Ford (Sceenplay)
Stars: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult, Matthew Goode, Jon Kortajarena

This is an absolutely beautiful and sensitive movie about depression, suicide, and love. If ever there was a movie that someone should see if they are thinking of committing suicide, it is A Single Man. It hits the nail on the head with the issue of depression, and passionately displays the story of a gay man whose lover died in a car accident. It is a near perfect movie, and certainly one of the most underrated of this decade.

8 months after the death of his lover Jim (Matthew Goode), George (Colin Firth) decides that he’s been through enough pain and will kill himself by the end of the day. As his day passes, he begins to appreciate the things he took for granted in his life. With each beautiful person or creature he encounters through the day, his life begins to brighten a bit more. When he thinks of Jim, it fades back to grey. It’s a battle between the light of life, and the darkness of depression.

The most important and greatest thing about A Single Man was Colin Firth’s masterful performance. There was nothing phony about his acting; it simply looked human. You didn’t need any dialogue to know exactly how he was feeling, or what he was thinking. His feelings were apparent to me, without looking obvious. That is what makes it so sweet and moving.

The way the day brightened with each act of kindness was a touch of brilliance. It is a perfect example of how color and camerawork can tell you exactly what is happening in a scene. At the start I felt depressed for the man, but everytime his day got brighter, my mood did too. I guess that’s why I connected to the story so much.

I love the way this movie displays that same-sex love is as real as heterosexual relationships. In many cases, such as in A Single Man, it is much more. This movie is touching, beautiful, masterfully acted, and has a message that reads loud and clear. In the end you learn that life does get better, all you need is patience.



  1. This seemed to get lost among all the talk of "The King's Speech", which is a real shame. You're right that Colin's performance was masterful. One of the top LGBT-themed films ever I think.

    1. It's my personal favourite performance by Colin Firth. I think he gave a stunning performance in The King's Speech, but this will always be the movie that reminds me of him.