Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Holy Motors (2012) - ★★★★

Director: Leos Carax
Writer: Leos Carax
Stars: Denis Lavant, Edith Scob, Kylie Minogue, Eva Mendez

I still have no idea what this movie is about. After reading multiple interpretations of Holy Motors, I've come to the conclusion that you can't give a correct explanation for the story. I was unflinchingly sucked into the crazy world of a man with many faces. The whole way through I was wondering what was going on, and by the time it had finished I realized that we don't need to know all the answers. It's absurd, captivating, beautiful, wildly original, and one of the best movies made in 2012.

Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant), has 9 missions to complete on a particular day. Each of these missions are crazy in their own way, all the while we have no idea why he's doing them. He's driven around in a limousine by Celine (Edith Scob), where there's a 'movie-star' mirror and countless numbers of make-up and props at his disposal. This is where he changes his image and thus himself into different people, just to complete these missions. We don't know what the purpose of all this is, that's open to interpretation. I don't have an answer, because I don't need one to love the film. 

Denis Lavant's acting was beyond masterful. He was absurd, loving, awful, emotional, ugly, athletic, disgusting, and caring. Let's just say he was pretty much everything under the sun. This is a role that even the best actors in Hollywood would have difficulty playing. There's something about his character that makes you want to know more about him and why he's doing these things. It's Oscar that makes it so interesting, not what he's doing. I don't think Leos Carax could have cast this film better. 

You know who blew me away? 'Sex-on-legs' Kylie Minogue. Her acting was marvelous, a perfect introduction to the world of cinema. I think she could become a real actor if she focused more on movie roles and less on her music. When she sang "Who are we?" I got chills. The enjoyment factor of this film increased ten-fold when she popped onto the screen. Her character brought such sensitivity and love to an otherwise crazy film. 

Minogue, proving she can act as good as she can sing.
There are too many unbelievable scenes to talk about. Every section of the film had something breathtaking to marvel at. My favorite came at the very end, when the limousine's all talked to one another... In the end, I still don't truly know what Holy Motors was all about. At times it was frustrating, but then I'd start smiling again at the sensational imagery on screen. I guess I can see why some people wouldn't like the movie. It's complicated, it doesn't make sense, there's very little you can do except read between the lines. 

I loved Holy Motors. I've never seen anything like it, but I certainly hope that I do again. It's a strange, strange world that we live in, which is what this film portrayed to me. Even if there are no true explanations, the acting, music, imagery and story were more than enough to enthrall me from start to finish. 


  1. Great review Ben :) Even if you're not sure what it's about, I still found myself admiring its beauty

    1. Thanks Shawna :)

      What are your thoughts on what Holy Motors is about?

    2. I think it was highlighting the beauty of cinema. Based on each scenario I saw acted out by Oskar, they all seem related to a particular genre of film too.